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What Is MAP?

MAP is an abbreviation of “Manifesting All Possibilities®,” and a cutting edge coaching system that is working on memories we collect throughout our existence, conscious and unconscious, and across all lifetimes. MAP was developed by Colette and Valentin Streicher, the founders of MAP Coaching Institute. Colette and Val extended the profound work done by Dr. Garry Flint who developed the “Process Healing Method” presented in his book “A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality – a Manual for Change.” 

Listen to the story of MAP Coaching.

About MAP (Webpage)

Below you find short training videos prepared by Colette Streicher and posted here with her friendly permission to help you to understand better how MAP works.

How Does MAP Coaching Work?

Manifesting All Possibilities® Coaching – short MAP – is a sophisticated and very powerful Coaching System that combines different psychological approaches, to cause positive changes in the way we think, feel and act.

Our brain/mind is operating based on past memories. There is a vast amount of memories we store throughout our life, and many of those memories are traumas with painful emotions attached to them. Trauma means here any unpleasant and /or negative experience or event. Some of the memories are conscious but many are not.

Negative, traumatic experiences and events, especially the very intense ones, are causing limiting memories, thoughts and emotions which are blocking, limiting, and keeping us from being the BEST of ourselves and from creating a fulfilled life we really desire and love!

The main power of MAP Coaching lies in utilizing the ability of the SuperConscious Mind – the inner Genie – to neutralize negative memories, thoughts, emotions or beliefs and to reinforce positive, self-empowering ones causing desired changes in the brain and mind. This happens while the client, You, is remaining in a pleasant relaxation.


About MAP (Webpage)

About MAP (Webpage)

How Can You Imagine this MAP-Magic to Happen? Here Is an Analogy.

Imagine the brain as an extraordinary computer that is processing, sorting and storing an incredible amount of data. You are using this computer 24/7.

One day you start to experience computer issues. The computer is shutting down unexpectedly, the cursor doesn’t appear on the computer screen anymore, the keyboard shortcuts don’t work, and finally, you cannot access your important files anymore.

All those issues are very annoying, disturbing your work, and making you working harder and longer hours to get anything done.

You don’t know how to help yourself and decide to ask a professional for assistance. The advice is to install an Anti-Virus application to identify and restore or erase affected data to get rid of the problems. You do as you are told.

You download the Anti-Virus program that collects the information and repairs the affected data. All this takes only a short time for the application is very powerful. Then the magic happens and your computer is free of any bugs, and you are surprised how much fun it is using it.

Do you know how the Anti-Virus app repaired your computer? Of course, not. However, you can see and experience the beautiful results after the repair.


This Is How MAP Coaching Works.

Please, watch the short video with Colette’s simple explanation!


About MAP (Webpage)

About MAP (Webpage)


All you need is to decide to try MAP and to allow your Superconscious to work on your issues while you are in a relaxed state focusing on the problem. Then the magic happens and you are surprised how much more you can enjoy yourself making progress with your goals and dreams, and creating a life you really desire.



6 thoughts on “About MAP Coaching”

  1. Mojisola Kupolati (Debbie) says:

    Thank you for sharing the MAP story. Truly, lots of treasures and potentials are locked up in our innermost being. The treasures in us can only be manifested for the benefit of self and others if appropriately unleashed. Oftentimes taking the path of a life coach is beneficial in helping us to engage our superconscious mind to productive ventures.

    1. Jenna Foster says:

      Yes! Absolutely, Mojisola!
      Our inner is full of treasures locked up in there. They are awaiting the moment of our grace to get free and unfold in our lives and in the world.
      It is our job to free them and to unleash our greatest potential. But often we don’t know how and wait until health issues and life problems make us take action!
      Using coaching we create a mirror for ourselves where we can watch our actions and find out what and how to change to experience our greatness and create a life that is worth living.
      MAP coaching can bring you the desired results fast and gentle! You can literally feel your Superconscious working, and watching how your mental and emotional state instantly improves.

      Thank you very much for taking the time for commenting, Mojisola! I appreciate it!
      Lots of Love and Light!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. petergeorge5666 says:

    I love your information, great choice of words, thanks for sharing this here for us. This is my first time of hearing of map coaching. Although I find I really understand how it works, but am a kind of guy who loves giving a try. I want to ask if you have a page where I can find a personal coach? 

    1. Dr Jenna Foster says:

      I love your approach wanting to try things, Peter! This is the way to go!
      Not sure though, if I got your question right. Two options to find out 🙂
      You can book a free consultation with me where I will answer all your questions about the MAP method and how it could work for you.
      You can also go to the website of MAP Coaching Institute where you can find information and more MAP coaches!

      Thank you for your interest in MAP Coaching and your comment! I really appreciate your time!
      Please, contact me if you have more questions or would like my assistance. I’m there for you!
      Sending much Love and Light!
      Aloha, Dr Jen

  3. Skuchmane says:

    helloooo dear, thanks for sharing such an amzing content with us all, i must say you have really highlighted all important things we need to know you thoroughly are the best, thanks for the info, i believe this is exactly what my mom needs, she will definitely find these post useful, thanks alot for the info dear! Love the designs and your sense of humour here. It really brings out the product uniqueness! I already saved this page so as to come back for future reference!

    1. Thank you very much for your interest in MAP coaching, and your comment! I appreciate it! I apologize for the delay!
      I’m happy to hear!
      Please, contact me to get more information. You can also request a free consultation (about 30 minutes) and get more information to make a decision. Of course, I would love to have both of you on the call, your mom and you, if possible.
      Looking forward to hearing from you!
      Sending much Love and Light your way!
      Aloha, Dr Jen

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